LaCrosse Laboratory

Dr. Amber LaCrosse

Northern Michigan University, Psychological Science

Dr. Amber LaCrosse has broad interests in Psychology and Neuroscience. Overall, her research projects involve evaluating factors that influence cognitive function.

Currently, the LaCrosse Laboratory in the Psychological Sciences Department uses animal and human models to:

  • determine the effects of cancer and cancer treatments on cognitive function

  • determine the effects of novel and popularized compounds (e.g., cannabidiol) on anxiety and other disorders using behavioral tasks

  • determine the effects of environmental enrichment and stimulation on complex cognitive task performance

  • assess the associations between gene mutations and psychological disorders (e.g., ADHD)

  • assess the associations between gene expression levels and chemotherapy induced cognitive dysfunction

Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center (UMBTC). Dr. LaCrosse maintains affiliations with the UMBTC. Her research with this center involves investigating genetic and molecular factors related to cancer and its treatment. Students can learn how to process and quantify tumor samples and how to develop effective cancer cell treatments.